Welcome to NEXT Classics!

NEXT Classics has been selling the next generation of classics since 2004. These are special cars, youngtimers and exclusives which were built from 1980 onwards. An exclusive (sports) car that stimulates all your senses, collector cars that you like to invest in because they increase in value. A youngtimer to cover your business miles without having to cough up a sky-high additional tax liability. Or just that car from your childhood that you always wanted. You won’t find the cheapest ones of their kind with us, but you will find the best ones. Quality always comes before cost.

Selection and import of our stock are done in-house based on very strict criteria. In addition, we work closely with some like-minded colleagues, brand dealers and specialists throughout Europe and beyond. Trade-in of your current car is almost always possible. If you own something really special, we like to have it in stock ourselves and for cars that don’t fit in we can always find a knowledgeable colleague.

NEXT Classics. We sell the next generation classics.

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