NEXT Classics always has a stock of at least fifteen enthusiast cars; exclusives, classics and youngtimers. Is the car of your choice not listed? Then we’ll just look it up for you.


We prefer to sell authentic cars with low mileage with no damage history and with demonstrable history. By the way, an odometer reading is not normative in all cases. A good state of repair (including through the years) and regularity in the accumulation of mileage history are much more important criteria. NEXT Classics stands for service, hassle-free and trust based on a mutual agreement. When selling a car, you have to feel good about it together. We have to fit together, so to speak, so that we can also sell you the next car.


In order to give you as true a picture of the cars we offer in advance, we post reviews that reflect the condition of the car as accurately as possible. A realistic assessment prevents disappointment. Our customers sometimes come from far away, and driving for nothing is never fun. We use four categories:

Rating A
A car in as good as 100% original paint, with low mileage and demonstrable (mileage) history. The car has never had any damage.

Rating B
A car in mostly original paint, with authentic traces of use and demonstrable (mileage) history. The car has never had any damage.

Rating C
A car with signs of use, appropriate to the age and mileage of the car. The mileage can be traced.

A + or a – indicates that the car deviates positively or negatively from the standard. A+ is the highest grade attainable; this is when a car is as good as new.


We provide a three-month warranty on every car. Additional warranty is available by arrangement. The mileage of our cars is always correct and guaranteed.


Guaranteed mileage

Complete history

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